Patagonia Food SPA and Corcovado S.A, are our Allied companies, founded in the south of Chile and inserted in the Patagonia of our country, founded by Mr. Luis Eduardo Fernández, Industrial Civil Engineer.

Patagonia Food SPA., Was founded in 2010.

Our main objective is the cold storage of all kinds of seafood and also carry out comprehensive logistics so that our clients reach the final destination with their products to any Country in the world, directly from our facilities.

For this we have all the respective certifications, which enable us as a refrigeration company to export without restrictions to all markets in the world.

Another line of business that Patagonia Food SPA has, is the extraction of spider crabs, which are found in our Chilean Patagonia. We export this precious and valued product in the different formats that our clients demand as a final product.

In addition, we have a marketing line for our beloved Chilean Salmon, we focus on exporting to different markets in the world, in different presentation formats.

Corcovado S.A, was founded in 2015.

Our objective is the provision of Maritime Services of a different nature, mainly focused on the different maritime requirements that our shipping industry needs to operate optimally in Chilean Patagonia, from Puerto Montt to Tierra del Fuego.

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